Solar Hot Water Adelaide. 

Since 2006 Hot Water Now has been helping Adelaide home owners with Solar and Heat Pump Hot Water Systems.

Our Hot Water Products.

Electric Boosted Solar

Electric Boosted Solar Hot Water. 

At Hot Water Now we work with the Rinnai brand of Electric Boosted Hot Water Systems.

The benefits of a ‘split’ solar hot water system is that it’s only the panels on the roof, and the tank on the ground, which requires less roof strength. 

An electric boost is ideal if you don’t have access to Natural Gas or have a Solar PV system. 

These systems come in the 250L and 315L sizes. 

See our Solar Hot Water Range. 

Closed Coupled Solar Hot Water

Closed Coupled Solar Hot Water Systems.

We work with the Rinnai brand of Solar Hot Water Systems. The Rinnai Sun master electric boosted solar hot water system, is an ideal solution for homes where outdoor space is a premium.

These systems have an electric booster, for when the sun is not sufficient to heat the tank to the correct temperature.

These systems come in 200 or 330L capacity storage.

See Our Solar Hot Water Range. 

Rinnai Heat Pump

Heat Pump Hot Water.

Heat Pumps have in popularity significantly over the past few years. They are about 10% less efficient than a solar hot water system, although they benefit from; 

  • No Panels on your roof. 
  • Simple and Cheap Installation.
  • Lower Cost than a solar hot water system. 

We recommend the Rinnai range of Heat Pump Hot Water Systems. 

See our heat Pump Packages Here. 

For people who have solar panels installed a heat pump can also be a great appliance to absorb your excess solar production. 

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