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Heat Pump Hot Water Adelaide, SA.

Heating Water Is the 2nd largest consumer of energy in your home next to heating and cooling. Hot Water can account for as much as $1000 per year in A South Australian home. 


Introducing Heat Pump Hot Water Systems.

A Heat Pump can significantly reduce your need to pay for a hot shower, and delivers mains pressure for a comfortable showering experience. 

Benefits of a Heat Pump; 

  • 60-70% Energy Saving Versus an Electric HWS. 
  • All at ground level for an efficient and tidy installation. 
  • Perfect Hot Water system to absorb excess Solar PV generation. 
  • Mains pressure for a constant temperature and flow.

Frequently Asked Heat Pump Questions.

How Much Does a Heat Pump Cost?

For an average home, a heat pump will cost between $2750-$3950. There are some further rebates available in South Australia, that can reduce the cost to as low as $500. Although strict eligibility criteria applies.   If you would like a quote and see if you are eligible for the extended rebates, get a quote now.

How Much Will a Heat Pump Save Me?

It all depends on the size of your household and your energy source/ tariffs. As an example; 

If you are using Off Peak Electric or Gas Now. 

  • 1 Person $150-$400 Saving P/yr.
  • 2 Person $250-$500 Saving P/yr.
  • 3 Person $350-$600 Saving P/yr.
  • 4 Person $500-$750 Saving P/yr. 
I've got Solar how will a heat pump help me?

Most SA homes with solar have experienced a significant reduction in the Solar Feed In Tariff recently. 

This has significantly reduced the returns being achieved by South Australian home owners who generate more solar than their home needs during the day. 

Hot Water is unique, in that it’s one of the few appliances that can absorb excess solar generation during the day. This is due to the fact that it takes over 2 weeks for a hot water tank to cool down after it’s hot. 

So if you, like many South Australian’s have a gas hot water system, you are missing out on significant savings from your Solar PV system. 

In addition to the additional savings that can be achieved by switching from Gas to Heat Pump, you will no longer be burning Methane to heat water. 

Isn't a gas hot water system better than a heat pump?

Gas Instant Hot Water Systems are certainly convenient, as you will have continuous water for as long as you have the taps on. 

This convenience comes with some downsides. 

  • You are paying around $300 per person per year to heat water.
  • Natural Gas is essentially Methane which is a damaging greenhouse gas. 
  • You typically cannot get a good shower from a water saving shower head. This means you use more water than needed. 
  • If multiple people turn a tap on at once, then the hot water fluctuates in temp. 
  • Most units are set at 50 degrees, which is not ideal in the Kitchen and Laundry, but great for shower safety.
  • It can take a long time for hot water to reach the right temperature, so you are wasting water down the drain. 

If you have Solar Panels installed at your home, then you could be enjoying hot water 100% FREE from your excess solar production. 

The other benefits of a Heat Pump include; 

  • No Loss of pressure or temperature when multiple taps are turned on. 
  • Hot Water delivered fast to your tap with minimal waste. 
  • Allows for a high pressure shower even with water saving shower heads.


Our Heat Pump Products.

Rinnai Heat Pump

Rinnai Adelaide


Brand: RInnai 

Model: Enviroflo 250L & 315L

Made In: Australia

Power Consumption: 2.4kW

COP: 1kW Power = 4kW Heating.

Pressure: Up to 1000kPa

Warranty: 5 years.

See More:  https://bezero.com.au/product-category/heat-pumps/


How it Works.

Using advanced refrigeration technology, the Rinnai Enviroflo Electric Heat Pump naturally moves thermal heat energy and transfers it to the stored water. The higher the ambient air temperature, higher the system efficiency, this is also known as Coefficient of Performance – COP.

1. Compressor.

The compressor is the central hub of the heating cycle which distributes the refrigerant between two heat exchange coils to facilitate efficient heat transfer.

2. Dual Protection Heat Exchanger.

The highly efficient design of the heat exchanger safely transfers thermal heat from the refrigerant to the stored hot water.

3. Intelligent Controller.

Locally designed and manufactured, this clever controller continually monitors and adjust system parameters ensuring optimum performance and system reliability.

4. Integrated DC Fan and Evaporator.

40% more efficient and smaller than conventional AC fans when coupled with our in-house evaporator means reduced materials during construct and a lighter assembled weight.

5. R290 Refrigerant.

This sustainable and non-toxic refrigerant has a zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of just 3. As such, it easily outperforms other heat pumps that typically use R134a refrigerant which has a very high GWP of 1430.

Rinnai Heat Pump

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