Are you considering investing in a Solahart hot water system and looking for a detailed review? Your search ends here. At Hot Water Now, we understand that purchasing a hot water system is a significant decision. It not only influences your daily comfort but also impacts your energy bills. Our team of hot water plumbers in Brisbane has in-depth knowledge and experience working with various hot water systems, including Solahart. Hence, we’re uniquely positioned to provide this unbiased and comprehensive review of Solahart hot water systems.

Solahart is a well-known name in the solar hot water space. They boast an extensive range of solar water heaters designed to harness the power of the sun and convert it into hot water for domestic use. But is Solahart the right fit for your needs? Read on to find out.

Quick Summary: Solahart’s solar hot water systems are well-regarded for their innovation, efficiency, and environmental friendliness. They offer a comprehensive solution for households aiming to reduce energy bills and carbon footprint.

Solahart Hot Water Systems Overview

Solahart, a pioneer in solar hot water systems, offers a range of products equipped with innovative technology and cutting-edge features. Their hot water systems are designed to deliver optimal performance even in the harshest weather conditions while slashing energy costs.

Most Solahart systems use a simple and efficient thermosiphon design, where water heated in the solar collectors rises naturally into the storage tank located above. The systems also include electric or gas boosting for days when sun exposure is limited.

Key Features and Benefits

The key features that make Solahart’s systems standout include high energy efficiency, environment-friendly operation, superior build quality, and significant savings on energy bills. Let’s decode each in detail:

  • Solahart’s systems have high energy efficiency, greatly reducing electricity or gas usage, leading to decreased energy bills. The direct relationship between solar exposure and efficiency means that Solahart hot water system installation in Brisbane is particularly beneficial due to its abundant sunshine.
  • By relying on the sun’s energy, Solahart’s hot water systems significantly reduce carbon emissions, aligning with global sustainability efforts.
  • The build quality of Solahart’s systems is excellent. They are built to last with robust, weather-resistant materials.
  • Solahart offers a top-notch after-sales support system, further assuring peace of mind after your hot water system installation.

Variants and Sizes

Solahart offers a wide range of products to cater to various household sizes and hot water requirements. From compact 181 litres to spacious 302 litre models for large households, they have something for everyone. Some popular variants include the Solahart Streamline split system and the roof-mounted system.

Considering the variants and sizes, it’s always best to know what size hot water system you need before you settle on a Solahart hot water system.

Product Warranty

Solahart is well regarded for their warranty assurance. Most of their systems include an impressive 5 to 7-year warranty, with some even extending up to 10 years. This demonstrates the brand’s confidence in their product and provides a safety net for the customer.

However, regular hot water repairs and maintenance are essential to keeping your warranty valid and ensuring the system works at its peak efficiency.

Energy Savings and Cost

Solar hot water systems are typically higher in upfront cost than their gas and electric counterparts. However, Solahart’s systems can significantly reduce household energy consumption and bills, providing long-term savings.

With solar incentives available through the Australian government’s Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, the upfront hot water system costs can also be significantly reduced.

Overall, a Solahart hot water system is a sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective solution for hot water needs. While it does require a substantial initial investment, the savings on energy bills over time make it a worthwhile option for those considering the switch to solar.


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