Australia is renowned for its temperate climate but those early mornings or chilly evenings can still bring a shiver. And nothing beats that feeling of stepping into a hot, soothing shower or filling a bath with steaming water to warm your bones and relax your mind. However, if you have ever grimaced in surprise as a sudden rush of cold water hits you, or you’ve had to ration the hot water between family members, you will know just how crucial a reliable hot water system is. And it is not just a matter of comfort; your hot water system is also a fundamental requirement for your home’s hygiene needs.

However, with numerous types on the market, making the correct choice of a hot water system that suits both your budget and household requirements can be a difficult task. It is essential to consider several factors when trying to calculate hot water system costs. The total cost will ultimately depend on your household’s hot water usage, the type of system you select, the cost of installation, and ongoing maintenance and energy costs.

A Quick Summary

Depending on the type, brand, model, and installation costs, a new hot water system can range from 0 to over 00. However, it’s also vital to consider the long-term running costs as these can differ significantly between the different types of hot water systems.

Initial/System Purchase Cost

The purchase cost of a hot water system depends on the type, capacity, and brand of the hot water system. Additionally, system purchase costs vary significantly. For instance, an electric hot water system’s cost is usually lower than a gas hot water system.

For an overview of the average costs, you might expect to pay for popular types hot water systems:

  • Electric storage system: 0 – 0
  • Gas storage system: 0 – 00
  • Instant electric hot water system: 0 – 00
  • Instant gas hot water system: 0 – 00
  • Solar hot water system: 00 – 00
  • Heat pump hot water system: 00 – 00

Installation Cost

Another cost factor is installation. If your new hot water system is replacing a similar one, the installation is relatively straightforward. However, if you’re upgrading to a more sophisticated system like solar hot water or heat pump hot water, the installation can be more complex and expensive.

Whether you’re about to replace or repair your hot water system, contact a licensed plumber. Choose Hot Water Now for hot water system installation or hot water repairs for guaranteed work at competitive prices.

Energy Efficiency and Running Costs

While the initial purchase and installation costs are significant investment, the ongoing running costs are also critical. You could save money in the long term by selecting a more energy-efficient system.

Solar hot water systems, for example, although they cost more initially, can result in substantial savings over time due to their high energy efficiency. Electric storage systems, on the other hand, are typically among the least efficient systems. If you’re considering this, firstly read our blog on electric hot water problems for full details.

Maintenance and Repair Costs

Finally, the costs for maintaining and repairing your hot water system should not be overlooked. These costs can add up, especially if you face untimely issues such as hot water system leaking.

Every hot water system requires regular maintenance to ensure it works efficiently and has a long lifespan. Some types, however, require more regular servicing than others. For instance, heat pump systems need more regular maintenance than gas or electric systems.

If you’re comparing different types of hot water systems and their associated costs, be sure to take the time to understand their regular servicing requirements.


Hot water system costs can vary widely depending on numerous factors, including initial purchase cost, installation, energy efficiency, and ongoing maintenance and possible repair costs. With such a significant investment and your home’s comfort at stake, it is crucial that your hot water system delivers reliable service.


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While the initial cost is a significant factor, it’s worth considering the long term running costs when choosing a hot water system that will save you money over its lifespan.

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