There’s no denying the crucial role that hot water systems play in our daily routines. From cooking to cleaning, bathing to doing laundry, we rely substantially on our hot water systems. When you’re nestled right here in Aus, dealing with the varying weather conditions, having a dependable hot water system becomes less of a luxury and more of a necessity. It’s no wonder that locals favour reputable brands, and one brand that consistently tops the list is Thermann.

Producing highly reliable water heaters, Thermann caters to a wide array of preferences, whether you’re looking for electric, gas or solar-powered models. But is Thermann really worth the investment? Our experts at Hot Water Now share their unbiased views in our latest Thermann Hot Water System Reviews.

Quick Summary

In a nutshell, Thermann Hot Water Systems are well-regarded for their efficiency, durability, and diverse range. They’re known to deliver consistent performance without compromising on sustainability.

Outstanding Efficiency and Performance

Thermann Hot Water Systems are prized for their efficiency. These units are engineered to reheat rapidly, ensuring that you will never be left in the cold. They also feature an impressive energy rating, enabling users to enjoy hot water throughout the day without having to worry about hefty power bills. Quick in heat recovery, these systems don’t keep you waiting for your hot water needs.

In terms of performance, users frequently praise Thermann for its consistency. The systems are sturdy, well-built, and designed to withstand harsh Australian weather conditions. From the compact 25L electric units ideal for small homes or apartments to the large 400L units suitable for big families, Thermann’s range has a variety of options to select based on your household size and specific needs.

Product Range and Diversity

Whether you prefer gas, electric, or solar hot water systems, Thermann has you covered. Their electric models are perfect for those looking for an eco-friendly yet reliable solution. The gas hot water heaters from Thermann, on the other hand, are ideal for those seeking efficient performance and continuous hot water supply. And then there’s Thermann’s impressive range of solar hot water systems, perfect for anyone keen on exploiting Australia’s abundant sunshine, championing sustainability and making significant energy savings.

The brand also has both continuous flow and storage water heaters, enhancing the range of choices. Continuous flow models guarantee a constant hot water supply, whereas storage water heaters provide ample hot water stored at the ready for immediate use. No matter your preference, Thermann’s product range has an option to meet your specific hot water demands.

Durability and Sustainability

Another notable feature of Thermann hot water systems is their remarkable durability, a factor that our hot water repairs team understands all too well. Thermann units are made of high-quality materials designed to endure the test of time, meaning less hot water system repairs. Plus, every Thermann hot water system comes with a substantial warranty period, reflecting the brand’s trust in its products.

Furthermore, Thermann is also a conscious brand. They’ve made considerable strides in ensuring their hot water systems are energy efficient and boast a significant level of environmental compliance. The gas hot water systems, for example, release less carbon emissions compared to traditional units, making them a greener choice.

Customer Support and Services

Thermann’s customer support, like its products, has earned rave reviews. The company offers remarkable technical support and installation services. Thermann makes it easy to find local partners for hot water system installation, ensuring the process runs smoothly from start to finish.

They have also established an impressive network of service technicians across the country, so if your hot water system ever runs into trouble, help is not far away.


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In conclusion, if you’re looking for a reliable, efficient hot water system built to withstand the Australian weather, Thermann is definitely worth your consideration. It’s a brand that guarantees quality products, diverse range, efficient performance, whilst maintaining an eco-friendly stance. It’s no wonder many Australians trust the brand.

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