When it’s time to replace your hot water system or install a new one, you desire a system that’s not just durable and reliable but also energy efficient and cost-effective. Enter Dux hot water systems. Renowned for their superior quality and performance, they provide hot water when you need it the most. The perfect scenario for a home that runs like a well-oiled machine, right at the heart of the Australian lifestyle.

Let’s dive into an all-encompassing Dux Hot Water System review. As expert hot water plumbers, it’s our pleasure to guide you on the attributes and performance of Dux hot water systems, tackling everything from their different models and features, to reliability, efficiency and cost, so you can make an informed decision.

Quick Summary

Dux is a well-regarded brand offering a comprehensive range of hot water systems with exceptional performance, improved energy efficiency and guaranteed durability, making it a favourite among many Australian homeowners.

Extensive Range of Dux Hot Water Systems

From Electric and Gas to Solar and Heat Pump systems, Dux offers a plethora of hot water solutions suitable to diverse requirements. Their electric hot water systems in Brisbane, for instance, are perfect for smaller households with lower hot water demands, due to their efficient heating amidst fluctuating temperatures. Moreover, they also boast of compact designs that allow easy underground installation.

On the other hand, Dux’s extensive range of gas hot water systems are a hit for larger households with higher hot water demands. These gas hot water systems in Brisbane utilise natural gas or LPG and are known for their exceptional energy efficiency – an attribute that’s sure to help keep your energy bills at bay.

Reliability and Efficiency

Dux’s reputation thrives on the reliability it brings to the table. From manufacturing to installation, they are known for their high quality and attention to detail, allowing them to remain consistent in maintaining optimal performances. By combining efficient technology with robust materials, Dux ensures little to no interruption in your hot water supply- a characteristic one might find useful when addressing an issue of a leaking hot water system.

Having sustainability at their core, Dux also champions energy efficiency. Advanced technology like the patented ‘Tank-in-Tank’ design in the Prodigy series or the ‘Thermosiphon principle’ in its solar hot water systems optimise energy utilisation, reducing your contributions to greenhouse gas emissions as well as cutting back on energy bills.


While Dux hot water systems are slightly pricier compared to their counterparts, the longevity, reliability and efficiency they offer provide excellent value for money. The initial investment may be slightly higher, but it ultimately translates into long-term savings on maintenance and energy costs. If you’re looking for an idea of hot water system costs and comparative prices between different brands, we’ve got you covered.

Moreover, Dux offers a warranty period that provides peace of mind- a clear indicator of their confidence in their hot water systems. Be sure to understand the warranty terms and conditions to optimise the benefits.

Easy Installation and Exceptional After-Sales Support

Properly installed and maintained, Dux hot water systems are bound to serve you well for years. Our team of professionals can assist with hot water system installation and ensure your Dux system achieves its full lifespan and peak performance.

Furthermore, Dux provides exceptional after-sales support, ensuring any issues you might encounter, are addressed promptly. From troubleshooting guides to readily available spare parts, excellent customer service is at your disposal.


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Conclusively, Dux Hot Water Systems offer a range of robust and efficient solutions that cater to varied hot water needs. Their reputation is underpinned by their commitment to delivering high-quality products that are significant contributors to sustainability. Their prices might be a bit higher initially, but the long-term benefits and overall durability more than justify the investment.

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