Picture the scene. You’re ready to dive into a relaxing, hot shower after a long, grueling day. You’ve got your favourite tunes playing, a fluffy towel waiting nearby, the water is running… and then, disappointment strikes. Instead of a soothing stream of hot water, all you’re getting is a lukewarm frustration.

Sounds like you’ve fallen victim to a common bane of Aussie homes, a broken Aquamax hot water system. In most cases, there’s no need for panic. Even the most dependable products, like Aquamax hot water systems, can encounter the odd setback. With some canny troubleshooting, these issues can often be rectified pretty quickly. So, let’s dive into the world of Aquamax and see whether we can get you back to enjoying your hot showers pronto.

Quick Summary

Aquamax Hot Water System troubleshooting involves diagnosing and rectifying issues such as no hot water, inadequate hot water, leakages and noisy systems. Common solutions include replacing malfunctioning components, adjusting temperature settings, and performing regular maintenance.

The Dreaded Cold Shower: No Hot Water

If your Aquamax hot water system isn’t providing any hot water, it’s likely due to an electrical or gas issue. For gas hot water systems, the problem might be the gas supply, burner, or thermocouple. For electric systems, the heating elements or thermostat could be at fault.

Before calling your Brisbane hot water plumbers, try these steps: check that the gas or power supply is connected and switched on, and that the system switch is in the ‘on’ position. If the water is still cold, professional help might be required for hot water repairs.

Inadequate Hot Water: It’s Lukewarm at Best

A warm stream that’s not quite hot enough could be due to your Aquamax unit’s thermostat settings. Incorrect settings are a common cause of low hot water pressure or lukewarm water. Adjust the thermostat, ensuring it’s set above 60 degrees Celsius to kill any harmful bacteria.

If that doesn’t do the trick, it could be caused by an undersized hot water system for your home. The right hot water system size is crucial for meeting your household’s hot water needs. Your hot water system might be working perfectly, but if it’s too small, it can’t keep up with high-demand periods or multiple appliances running at once.

Leaky Aquamax: Reducing Water Waste

A leaking hot water system is a common issue users face. Besides causing a mess, leaks can lead to other problems such as water damage and increased water bills. The cause for your leaking hot water system can range from a faulty valve to a corroded storage tank.

Perform a visual check to see where the water is coming from. If the leak is from the pressure relief valve or the drain valve, it might be a quick fix by simply replacing the valve. However, if the hot water tank itself is corroded and leaking, it’s time for a hot water system replacement.

Noisy Hot Water System: A Cause for Alarm?

Your Aquamax hot water system should operate silently. If you start to hear strange noises, don’t just ignore them. Knocking, popping, or hissing sounds can indicate a serious problem, such as a build-up of minerals or sediment inside the tank or a defective heating component.

Flushing the tank to clear sediment buildup often solves the problem. If not, then it might be time to replace the heating component. Repeated noises require immediate attention, and it’s best to get your system looked over by a professional plumber.


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Aquamax Hot Water System troubleshooting doesn’t need to be a hassle. Familiarising yourself with common issues and simple fixes can save you time and prevent potential damage. However, more complex problems call for the expertise of a professional plumber.

Your comfort and safety are important to us at Hot Water Now. From gas hot water system troubleshooting to electric hot water problems, we’ve got you covered with all hot water system repairs. So, the next time you experience a hitch with your Aquamax system, don’t sweat it. Reach out to us and our experienced team of Brisbane hot water plumbers will ensure we have you back to your hot showers in no time.

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