There’s nothing quite like turning on the tap in the morning for a shower, only to realise your hot water system has yet to heat up. It’s not a great way to start the day, especially in the midst of an Australian winter. Knowing how long your hot water system takes to heat up can be a game-changer in your daily routine, allowing you to anticipate when you’ll have that comforting flow of warm water for your shower or household chores.

This article aims to guide your understanding of hot water systems and give insight into how long it may take for them to heat up. From hot water system repairs to solar hot water heaters, you’ll discover everything you need to know.

Quick Summary

On average, most hot water systems take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to heat up. However, the time required greatly depends on the type of heating system, its size, and the starting temperature of the water.

The Time Required for Different Types of Hot Water Systems

There’s a broad variety of hot water systems available today. From electric and gas hot water systems, to solar and heat pump hot water systems, all present varying heating times.

Electric hot water systems often heat at a rate of about 1.5 degrees per minute. Running on electricity, these systems can sometimes be slower than their gas counterparts. Gas hot water systems, on the other hand, can heat water at a rate of approximately 2 degrees per minute and are usually known for their swift operation.

Influence of the Starting Temperature

The temperature of the water before the heating process commences is a significant factor that determines how long it will take for the hot water system to heat up. For instance, during winter, the starting temperature of the water is likely to be lower, therefore requiring a longer time to heat up.

Your climate, and whether your water is stored in an insulated tank or an open tank, also have a significant effect on the initial water temperature. Even factors like a leaking hot water system can affect the starting temperature and, in turn, the heating time.

Size Does Matter

Another significant consideration in determining how long a hot water system takes to heat up is the size of the system itself. Greater capacities of water require longer heating times. For instance, a small system designed for a single person might only need 20 minutes to heat up, while larger systems may require an hour or more.

It is not only the size of the system that matters, but also the amount of hot water used. A family that uses large amounts of hot water for showers or to wash dishes will find that their system takes longer to heat the water than it would for a smaller family or a single person.

Is It Time For a System Upgrade?

If you find that your hot water system takes exceedingly long to heat water, it may be time for a hot water system replacement. Newer models are often more energy-efficient and heat water faster than older models. Opt for reputable hot water installations in Brisbane for quality results.

Similarly, regular hot water repairs in Brisbane can significantly improve your system’s efficiency and reduce heating time. Ensuring your system is in good working condition can make a big difference in your daily routine.


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Many factors influence how long a hot water system takes to heat up – the type of the system, its size, the starting temperature of the water, and its current state of repair. By understanding these variables, you can ensure you’re not left in the cold! If you’re considering upgrading or repairing your hot water system, the expert Brisbane hot water plumbers at Hot Water Now are ready to assist. Get a quote today to ensure your hot water is always ready when you need it!

For more information on varying hot water systems, you can explore articles such as types of hot water systems or what size hot water system you need for further insights into hot water solutions.

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